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The hub for your school community

A cooperative and inquisitive team of our specialists is open to your ideas, proposed changes and is committed to elaborate on the diary in order to bring the system closer to the needs of every school.

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For Pupils

You will like My School! Everything you need for studying, extracurricular activities, creative expression and wins are always at hand!

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For Parents

Get closer to your child with My School! Keep track of your child achievments and hobbies, stay actively involved in the educational process!

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For Teachers

Gain access to advanced technologies, automate the educational process, use online tools for education and explore modern ways of communicating with parents.

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For Government

My School for governmental authorities – is an online monitoring tool and efficient channel for communication with subordinate organizations.

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“My school” creators and Brovary city teachers meeting is ...

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“My school” translated to Ukrainian language in 20 August, ...

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“My school” upgrade and adaptation to Ukrainian educational system ...

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Today’s school, as in many other areas, is equipped with modern technologies devices: from an electronic student certificate to smart boards. E-diary is one of such devices that not only replaces markbooks, but also   allows teachers to spend more time for education while for students and their parents be more actively involved in the educational process.

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